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Burton Exteriors is a manufacturer of high end columns with the most diverse selection of columns in the market – styles, sizes and colours. Columns make a statement of beauty, style and elegance. … [Read More...]



For residential and light commercial applications, Burton Fencing has been the choice of homeowners and architects alike. Our extensive line features a large selection of Standard Styles, and an array … [Read More...]



If you are looking to beautify the exterior of your property, the customized glass and aluminum railing systems produced by Burton Exteriors Inc. are the perfect choice, improving on the shortcomings … [Read More...]



The siding on your home performs two very important roles. Firstly, owing to the fact that it covers the vast majority of the exterior of your home it has a major bearing on how aesthetically pleasing … [Read More...]


Decks & Pergolas

Burton Exteriors offers a unique system for new deck applications, renovations and resurfacing of existing decks. Our system comes with deck boards, expansion trim, fascia boards, hole plugs, and our … [Read More...]


Vinyl Products

One of the biggest decisions you have to make when it comes to products that will be installed on the exterior of your property relates to the material that should be used to construct them. The … [Read More...]