Aluminum, Vinyl & Glass Railings

If you are looking to beautify the exterior of your property, the customized vinyl and aluminum railing systems produced by Burton Exteriors Inc. are the perfect choice, improving on the shortcomings of many similar products such as steel and wood railings. Whether your property has a balcony that overlooks your backyard, or you’ve recently had a decked area installed, our vinyl and aluminum railings are an excellent way to add safety without compromising the aesthetics of the property; in fact our vinyl and aluminum railings actually enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Why Buy Our Vinyl and Aluminum Railings?

Why have thousands of residential and commercial property owners purchased these railings from us over the last few years? Here’s why:

  • Lightweight – Far lighter than steel railings, our vinyl and aluminum railing systems are easier to install, which consequently brings the cost of installation down considerably to make them a very cost effective option compared to other solutions.
  • Incredibly Strong - In addition to being lightweight our vinyl and aluminum railings are incredibly strong, ensuring you are safe at all times and reducing the risk of damage being sustained.
  • Perfect Finish – Every railing system we produce features zero imperfections on the surface finish, meaning there are no sharp edges or slivers that you could potentially injure yourself on.
  • Special Powder Coating – With years of industry experience we have perfected our manufacturing process and our railings feature a special power coating that provides a high level of UV resistance, which preserves the finish by preventing fading, peeling and cracking.
  • Maintenance Free – Unlike with wood and steel railing products there’s no regular maintenance to carry out; our vinyl and aluminum railings look after themselves.

All of our railing products are manufactured to exacting standards, meeting or exceeding the standards set by Uniform, BOCA and the National Building Code of Canada.

Work With North America’s Leading Railing Specialists

With over two decades of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality residential and commercial railing systems, Burton Exteriors Inc. is the only company you should seriously consider when in need of this product. In addition to our industry expertise we offer the following:

  • Competitive pricing on both custom designed and pre-built railing systems
  • High quality railings that combine aesthetic beauty with unrivalled durability
  • A vast range of designs and colours that will blend in with any exterior style
  • Modular systems that allow for easy installation

If you are interested in purchasing vinyl and aluminum railings for your property or wish to receive further information about the products that we offer, call us today at 905-793-1300.