The siding on your home performs two very important roles. Firstly, owing to the fact that it covers the vast majority of the exterior of your home it has a major bearing on how aesthetically pleasing your home is perceived to be. Old, beat-up siding can make your home look run-down and tired; a factor that will almost certainly affect the value of your property. The next role the siding performs is that of insulating and protecting your property from the elements. Siding that is in good condition will prevent moisture from making its way inside your property and will also prevent the loss of heat energy, helping to keep your energy bills as low as possible.

Burton Exteriors Inc. Can Help to Solve Your Siding Problems

Burton Exteriors Inc. offers a wide range of different siding options and we employ design experts that will help you to pick out new siding that perfectly complements the architectural style of your home. Some of our most popular installations include:

  • PVC Siding – The popularity of PVC, or vinyl siding as it is commonly referred to, has soared in recent years owing to the large number of benefits that it offers, including an unparalleled level of resistance to moisture and the weather conditions experienced in the Toronto area, the minimal maintenance required to keep it looking attractive for years on end and the vast majority of design styles that are available.
  • Aluminum Siding – For those on a budget aluminum is a great alternative and works out up to 70% cheaper to install than other options available. Additionally, it’s an extremely durable type of siding that can last several decades before it needs replacing, and it can be easily painted if you wish to update your property’s image in the future.
  • Cedar Siding – If you are interested in a siding option that will make your property stand out, nothing can quite match the appearance of cedar siding. Beautiful, durable, extremely safe and environmentally friendly, cedar siding has a lot going for it.

Burton Exterior Inc. is able to install all of the above siding options plus many more. Every siding installation we complete is customized to your home and meets the requirements set out by the National Building Code of Canada.

We Repair Damaged Siding Too

Exposed to the great outdoors year round, your siding is your home’s first line of defence against Mother Nature and over the years will likely show signs of wear and tear. If damage is not repaired quickly, the condition of your siding can deteriorate rapidly and result in the need for a complete replacement. Individual panels may get bent, fade, crack, chip or split. If you are experiencing any of these problems at your property, get in touch with us. Burton Exteriors Inc. is frequently called out to:

  • Replace siding panels that are damaged (both single & multiple panel installations).
  • Replace wooden siding panels that are rotten.
  • Replace substrate that has been damaged by moisture.

Burton Exteriors Inc. offers a level of customer support that is unrivalled in the Toronto area, no matter whether we are asked to complete a small repair job or a large installation. You can also rest safe in the knowledge that all work will be carried out to an industry leading standard. For more information on our siding or to obtain a free quote, contact us today at 905-793-1300.